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I was snogging a guy at uni in our student union nightclub when he started to become quite aggressive. He started biting and grabbing me and wouldn’t respond after I tried to push him off. I felt really uncomfortable and wanted to get away so I reached for my friend and asked her to come to the toilet with me. I told him I was going to go to the toilet and he grabbed me and said ‘No, because you won’t come back.’ I was scared so I assured him I would, I relented and gave him my number so he’d let me leave. Once in the safety of the girls toilet, I told my friends what had happened and that I wanted to leave to get away from him. My friend went out to see if there was any security we could report him to and he was waiting outside the toilet. He recognised my friend, grabbed her by the shoulders and said ‘Where is she?’ My friend ran back into the toilet and we hid for a while hoping he’d get bored and go away. We eventually decided to make a break for it and managed to run past him with my friends on either side of me. When he caught us my friend told him, I was too drunk and had been sick so they were taking me home. This obviously wasn’t true but it was enough to make him leave us alone. We left the club as we were too scared to continue the night. He rang me repeatedly on my way home so I blocked his number. I saw him another time at the cash point on the way to uni. I crossed the road so he wouldn’t see me.


When I was the only girl in my class doing geology as a subject, and I was told I couldn’t go on the annual field trip because they would have to find a female teacher to go too, and they clearly didn’t want to spoil their men’s/boy’s club. Recording studios offering paid masterclasses in music production to get more women interested in studying music, yet not actually offering positions to trained women. WhY ArE OnLy 2% WomEn iN MuSic ProDucTiOn? Well, duh. Being harrassed in videogames when you have to use a mic on MMO-RPGs and reveal you’re a girl. Girls are not that rare, we just learned not to have a voice the hard way. Makeup is considered opt-out, not opt-in. Not to mention mainstream media wants you to hate how you naturally look to sell more products. You’re no less a woman if you opt out of makeup products, or have more body hair, or have a few more curves. Being told on social media by several men that your actual real-life experiences of sexism are not representative of the many and you’re simply being hysterical. Looking at you, reddit.


Finished a lecture at medical school to hear a group of guys in the row in front talking about how they ‘rank girls of different ethnicities’


I feel completely overwhelmed when I think about how sexism has impacted my life. I have lost jobs, been harassed, assaulted, silenced, belittled, dehumanised, criticized and ridiculed because of the biological sex that I was born into. I really don’t know how to deal with it, there isn’t the support there, and most of my guy ‘friends’ are adamant that it doesn’t exist and that I need to separate my work and private life. It’s exhausting having to explain to people that when you’re born female you literally don’t have a choice, you’re politicised everywhere, in every way every day. It feels insurmountable to the point where I cannot stop crying when I think about it, and the more I think the more suffocating it is. None of my female friends have said that they’ve felt like this so if there’s anyone out there feeling alone with it, you’re not, and I get u <3


This is a bit of an old story now, as it probably happened in 2010 or 2011. I think it relates to both sexism and ageism. I was at a team meeting when my colleague, C, made a suggestion. C was probably in her early 60’s at the time. About 10-minutes later, I said, “I liked C’s idea.” About another 10-minutes later and another colleague said, “I like Mark’s idea,” and repeated the idea that C had given. It was a classic case of “That is a really good idea, now could one of the men in the room make it?”

Other girls

I’m a twenty-year-old woman, and I have a lot of male friends. I also have four brothers and their friends are my friends, too. What I hate, hate, hate (!) is when my brother dismisses my new interest in gaming as “bullshit” or when my roommates say “you’re kind of a dude”. I like roughhousing and videogames. I also like flowing dresses and nail polish. Is it so hard to believe women are complex beings?


idk how to write some of these things that bother me. i am 24,so i had this boyfriend when i was 19-23. He must have been kind and all that at the beginning, though I remember very little of that. i got a vaginal infection after the first few days of sex with him. i dont think that it ever resolved tbh, it still bothers me. but months later after the initial infection, i was horny, and i begun doing anal with him. ther is this day that i said no, it hurts, stop. But he did not stop. instead he said that I would get used to it. IDK..I was shocked, so I pushed him off, you know..it was valentines, i dont like valentines anymore. i often wonder, however, why i forgave him. isnt it rape? He told me that he was enjoying it much, that that is why he never heard me say no. Is that even a thing?You enjoy yourself good, dont even know the other person is saying stop.But yet, you can form a reply,about getting used to it. then this guy never really was concerned with my health. He did not even google my illness. But he only took me to hospital when I asked him to. He did not offer, no. Whatsapp with that? Ik he would have taken his close male friends to hospitaal if they were sick. He disgust me, makes me worry I have more than just a vaginal infection. sometimes writing this may not help, you know, people-I need someone to listen and comment accordingly. but I understand, and am not hating on this site,i just hurt I think. coz I know it is because he was a man that this happened..like girls, even strangers may not jam anyting in your ass and tell you, that you will get used to it.


One day I went into work, I usually say Hello to everyone when I clock in. I work in a kitchen, so while I say my hellos, I also see what everyone is doing and where I need to step in to help. This one day, I said hello to a male co-work, and he said, “Don’t fucking talk to you and get you bitch ass away from me.” I was confused, I’ve not worked with his guy for three days, and I don’t have a mean bone in my body. He also decided to go one saying, “All women need to be fired from all workplaces because all they do is fuck shit up and us men have to clean up after their bitch asses.” I went straight to my boss to let them know what happened. In doing so, other girls stepped up and told our boss their stories of this same worker saying of doing things to them. When we filed out the complaint, he started going around playing this victim card like we were attacking him and then tried pulling the race card to say we are racist towards him, and if he were white, we would have never reported him. He ended up getting a written up, at my work you have to have 3 write up before you can be fired. The next day I heard him telling my boss that I went and apologized to him for the way I acted towards him and that he and I are on good terms. I said to my boss, I would not apologize to him for speaking up, and I haven’t talked to him. This happened January 2020, and to this day, I’ve not said one word to him. He is still working there, but I have a feeling he is about to be done with the place with the number of complaints he has.


It was my first day at uni. I was at a party for the first years of my course, and I was very drunk. Back home (which is a different country), I had never experienced being scared while drunk, because I knew where I was and I knew who I was with. Here I had nobody. So towards the end of the night, I was sitting with this girl, let’s call her X and a guy, Y. I had talked to X a bit beforehand, so I knew her a bit. I had never spoken to Y. So I was sitting with them, and then suddenly I just feel his hand on my back and my butt. I just dismissed it because he was cute, but then he started rubbing the side of my thigh and pushing me against him. I tried to get up but fell over because I was so drunk. He caught me and suggested that we take a walk. I don’t know why I said yes, but I did. He took me to the edge of the garden and stood so close to me. I couldn’t see anything. I’m quite short, so he was towering over me, and I couldn’t even see the other people in the garden. He then grabbed me and kissed me. I was in shock, for I don’t know how long, but when I came back to my senses, he was still kissing me. I don’t know what came over me, but I just pushed him away and ran. I grabbed the first girl I found, took her to the bathroom, and just broke down. He is in my class, so I see him nearly every day. Since then, I have seen many doctors, and I have been given medication for insomnia and anxiety. I don’t feel safe in class anymore. I feel traumatized almost every day.


I applied for a machine learning internship and after I sent the document I was told ‘women and minorities are prioritized for this internship’. I just wasted my time for some people who look at what I have between my legs for deciding if I can work with them or not