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My (female) colleague always says things like “Be careful!” or “you might fall and injure yourself!” if a woman does an everyday task such as using the stepladder to change the lightbulb in our office. I pointed out that being female is not an illness and if she thinks she might fall off a stepladder she should see a doctor.


I was working at a cafe on the beach, when an older man came in. I smiled at him like i smile to every customer. He orderd a cofee and a sandwithc. He was paying his food and then said “how much would i need to pay to get you to my boat” he winked and smiled. I was so shoked i just smiled and said something like yeah no… i still work at that place and i am scared that he will come there again. I was the only female employee at the time but now there are two of us. Me and my boss. She makes the workplace feel more safe. But it sucks that she needs to make the workplace safe for me but not for the guys…


When I was the only girl in my class doing geology as a subject, and I was told I couldn’t go on the annual field trip because they would have to find a female teacher to go too, and they clearly didn’t want to spoil their men’s/boy’s club. Recording studios offering paid masterclasses in music production to get more women interested in studying music, yet not actually offering positions to trained women. WhY ArE OnLy 2% WomEn iN MuSic ProDucTiOn? Well, duh. Being harrassed in videogames when you have to use a mic on MMO-RPGs and reveal you’re a girl. Girls are not that rare, we just learned not to have a voice the hard way. Makeup is considered opt-out, not opt-in. Not to mention mainstream media wants you to hate how you naturally look to sell more products. You’re no less a woman if you opt out of makeup products, or have more body hair, or have a few more curves. Being told on social media by several men that your actual real-life experiences of sexism are not representative of the many and you’re simply being hysterical. Looking at you, reddit.


My office is planning how to reopen after being closed for nearly 2 months due to the pandemic. On a phone call today my male supervisor interrupted me on 4 separate occasions as I tried to ask how two specific and routine tasks in the office would be handled given the extraordinary circumstances and rapidly changing state guidelines. Each time he interrupted he explained something that was obvious and didn’t answer the question. He finally said that “planning too far ahead” – 1 business day to be exact- was the equivalent of “mental masterbation” and he didn’t have time for that. Prior to the office closure mandated by our Governor, he felt it was necessary to lecture the female dominated office on his policital views of the pandemic and made us feel weak and stupid for wanting to work from home to protect ourselves and our families, for asking for and wearing face masks and asking for reasonable accommodations for social distancing in the workplace. After two months away from that constant belittling I am sad to return to the office. I am very good at my job (as told to me by colleagues and clients and as I see it in the fruits of my effort) and enjoy what I do. I am just so tired of being treated as “less than” every day.


I worked for over 10 years in the same super famous and international company and I grew and trained to be a manager and I was sent to another country to work. Going there, I found pretty soon I felt very lonely, no family, no friends, worked around 10 hours daily and too tired to go “partying” or such to know people. Soon I started to notice this collegue of mine, cute, smart, and he invited me for coffees, a beer, show me around the city, almost daily that we started having a relationship (it was forbidden to have one within the company so it was my fault). After 2 weeks he said he loves me and gave me a ring, symbolizing our commitment and beautiful relationship. Then he made me block and delete all the male friends I had in all the countries. If I wanted to see female friend he started to make these fights for like 7/10 hours nonstop until I appologized for even talking about going out without him. After 2 months I told him we need to break up, this was not a healthy relationship for me, I felt he was emotionally abusing me and such and he said that if I break up he will notify the company and I will be fired!!!! So I stayed quiet. After 10 months I started to lose so much weight, my self esteem was non existing, I was made sumbisive totally to his “love for me” and he started to hit me. That was the moment I talked with the director. I was made to sign a paper that I’m leaving the company. After that I found that this guy had 3 other cases of abuse, one girl sent a letter to Human Resources Headquarters. Nothing happened. He still works there. He came to in my country and stayed in front of my building the whole day and I called the police. No word from him since, but yeah, he still works there and the company knows who and what he is.


being a general manager of a late night bar establishment i have been met with a series of both sexes asking to “speak with the manager” only to be met with stunned surprise that a woman of 27 years old could run an establishment. often met with “no, the ACTUAL manager”. Even more amusing to point out my Area Manager is also a female. The constant inappropriate gropes and men stopping me to try get my attention when working is always frustrating. I’m lucky to have a very female forward team in terms of management and security, we have women feel comfortable enough to come up to us to let us know if there is an issue with guys harassing them or making them feel uncomfortable. Over the years in this industry I’ve learnt how to deal with the pig headish behaviour of men and I’m glad I can help other women who need it in my place of work

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Once when I was working overtime, a women came up to me, trying to force her self on me. I tried to tell her to stop but she was a strong independent woman and she knew what she wanted. So I forced her away and she fell. The next day however my boss fired me for physically abusing my coworker. I told her what happened but she only got madder at me. I lost my job and all my work friends and no one believes my story.


Out of no where someone that I work in the same industry with made a inappropriate comment “Sleeping your way to the top”. The context here is I work as an assistant and he is a very well known figure in the industry. I have never had any sexual interaction with anyone within my industry. I am 21 and he is in his 30s When I replied “I don’t think sleeping with anyone will ever benefit me” he said “yeah not even that will help you..” I feel trapped that its not worth telling anyone due to the hierarchy of where he stands and where I sit. Calling him out could really effect my future career.


At my last job, all of the employees were supposed to clean up the building and the kitchen together, but it was obvious the girls did most of the work and the guys would always be hanging out at the bar in the end or having dishcloth fights (I would participate in these from time to time as well). One day a female colleague and I were once again alone in the kitchen cleaning up when my 50-something male boss walked in. He said: “It’s still a nice sight, two women in the kitchen.” When we both stared at him he added “Or am I not allowed to say that?” I’m glad my colleague immediately replied “No.” I’m a full time university economics student and was working there 20 hrs a week on the side, but somehow that guy degraded me with one sentence to a kitchen maid.


Worked in a laboratory where there were only women. A minor disagreement happened over how to handle a proceedure, that needed intervention from a higher-up. At lunch, a male coworker from the neighboring lab, having heard the gossip, asked whether there were ‘too many chickens in our chicken coop’ and if we ‘needed a man over there to minimise the drama’.