Recently I was walking to the tube from a friend’s house in the late evening, alone. As I approached a bus shelter I saw there were two men sitting there drinking cans of beer. As I passed they both made comments, “hey sexy lady”, “where are you going?”. I normally just walk on and ignore this sort of thing but it made me so angry that they felt they had the right to comment on me, that without really thinking I looked back at them, looked them up and down and told them to fuck off in the most condescending tone I could muster. They immediately both jumped up and started shouting at me. I carried on walking. They continued to shout at me “hey, I’ll fuck you in your pussy, bitch” and threatened to follow me. I carried on walking, really worried that they were going to follow me, and shortly afterwards crossed the road so I had an excuse to look behind me to check they weren’t following me.

I’m proud that I actually said something back and challenged their behaviour, but I spent the whole journey home angry at myself for escalating the situation. And so I’m also angry at myself for being angry at myself – they had no right to harass me in the first place so why should I even have to be worrying about how I reacted and what might have happened as a result?