Ok so here is an incident I don’t think I would have thought twice about like a year or two ago but now it’s stuck with me so I thought I’d mention it:
A few days ago in london, my friend and I went to the Galantis EDM concert, and well EDM is usually not my scene but she really wanted to go so I went with her.
Now for those of you who like EDM you know that it usually has very few words in its music, and those who know Galantis also know that their music videos are not explicit. So anyway at the concert my friend was dancing to the music, while I was just standing mainly and swaying, and now when I mean dancing I mean she was mainly jumping to the music. So this guy comes behind her and grabs her hips and starts grinding against her, and now I know this girl quite well so I do know that she doesn’t like it when people grind against her, and also she is usually not a big fan of guys in general and well bats for her home team, but instead of pushing the guy away like she usually does she just ignores him and subtly tried to get out of his grasp. So I noticed that and I sort of pulled her away so that she could get free and glared at the guy who went on to trying to find some other hapless girl to push himself against.
After the concert I asked my friend why she didn’t push him away and her response to this was that ‘it happens at every EDM concert and it’s a rite of passage of sorts, so why get offended’
I think her reaction to this situation just drove me a little crazy cause we should get offended. As humans we should not accept this as a thing our gender has to bear. It’s our bodies and people should not have a right to touch it without permission. We are not toys to sexualize and play with. Instead we are human beings who only truly belong to ourselves.
It’s incredibly messed up that she did not get upset cause it’s so accepted that in society if you go to a concert you get grinded upon cause music should be a safe space where everyone shares the sound, not a place where our bodies are used as objects to be defiled.