When I was 15 with my first ever boyfriend after only two weeks he forced me into a sexual encounter. The first time I ever ‘took part’ in foreplay he held me down and when I protested he said ‘just let me’. I knew it was wrong and he manipulated me into thinking I was over reacting. He told me after a month of us being together he felt we should have sex. At 15 I was entirely not ready for this. He said all of his friends had had sex and he would have to soon. He made me feel he would leave me if I didn’t. After less than two months he forced me to have sex with him. Every time I would say no he told me ‘just wait; you’ll like it soon’. I never felt able to tell anybody about this or even acknowledge it as what it was which was sexual assault and rape. Your project is so amazingly helpful to women who feel the same as I did. Thank you