I have always been quite an outspoken person,voicing my opinions (being called a bitch or bossy because of it) but when i was 13 years old I was sat in the my schools library reading quietly in the corner when a guy i took a class with walked over to me and asked me to explain the homework that had been set the day before (i know doesn’t sound like sexism bear with me) i said i would be happy to help and he sat next to m, too closely he was taking over half of my chair and when i pointed this out he said “i need to sit this close to you so i can hear you” (we were in a library so it was already quiet and there was abut 3 other students in there with us) i expressed that i was uncomfortable with him so close and if he could sit solely on his own chair he got angry saying that i should be offended and should be happy that a guy wanted to be so close to me. I simply said please move onto your own chair or i wont help you with your homework, he (reluctantly) moved over and i started to explain the homework and helped him answer the questions, this went on for about 15 mins when i realized he was was moving closer to me again and had is hand about one inch from my leg, so naively thinking that he was interested in my help i moved my leg and didn’t say anything but i realized that he was deliberately moving his hand closer to my leg and when i said that had to move his hand he suddenly pushed his hand into my underwear (girls had to wear kilts and because it a hot day i was wearing knee high socks) and stuck a finger inside of me at first it took a moment for me to register what had happened and in that moment i was so shocked that anyone would dare to violate me in such a way that i temporarily lost my ability to speak. taking my silence as an invitation he shoved another finger inside me and started to finger me and was whispering “if you scream i will tell everyone that you forced my hand into your underwear and proceeded to grab my hand and shove it onto his cock (which was out of his trousers and covered by his blazer) and forcibly kept my hand there and made me toss him off. now this guy was huge even for a 13 year old and i was terrified but i was never one to back down from a fight and with my free hand proceeded to punch him as hard as i could which forced him to remove his hand from my body and release my hand and give him a bloody nose, he proceeded to say in menacing voice that he was “gonna get me for that” and that i “should sleep with one eye open” because if he ever found me alone again he would rape me. Naturally i ran away and burst into the headmasters office down the hall and crying. he calmed me down and asked me what was going on so i explained and afterwards he said that i should just ignore it as boys just had urges at this age, my infamous temper flared up and i explained to him that either sorted this out or i would call the police explain what happened and tell them that my incompetent headmaster did nothing to help me. he panic at this not wanting the bad press or a scandal (it was a private school) and so promised to look into it. the boy never got expelled and only got a verbal warning (despite similar claims from other girls in my year and the year below) and i was told to stop bitching about it and i should have just enjoyed it. i would like to mention i got suspended for giving him a bloody nose. needless to say i was gone by the end of the year. he keeps trying to follow me on all of my social media accounts but i block him every time.
At the time i couldn’t express my outrage, horror and disgust at what had happened to me and at my schools willingness to cover up what he did to me. It was the first time i found i couldn’t find the words to stop what was happening to me and those around me but i made sure as hell it was the last time someone robbed me of my ability to speak out and stop someone putting their hands on me or someone around me without explicit permission.