I worked at a restaurant and was sexually harassed by one of the kitchen guys. There was only one other woman and one trans-man that worked there before me. The man had transitioned during his time at the restaurant. The restaurant was and is extremely male dominated.
When I filed my report against the man who harassed me my manager said, “I’m sorry, we don’t normally deal with this kind of thing. We have Sarah and Ren, but you know… You’re the first real woman to work here. Do you know what I mean?”
Not only is it offensive to the trans man being referred to as a woman, but to Sarah for not being attractive enough in his eyes to be considered a woman. It was one of the most sexist things I had ever heard in such a casual way. Fucking disgraceful. I filed a complaint against him with the EEOC. When I was interviewed by the EEOC employee he interrogated me and belittled my complaint. I told him management did not try to make my work environment safe. He said “When you tell a man no he is going to be angry, you gotta be ready to deal with that.” Like the whole thing was my fault. I filed a complaint against him to his boss too. Maybe I wasted my time, this process took months, but I refuse to sit back and let people treat me or other women like shit just because we are women.