Last night I was at a concert, when I felt a hand on my butt, practically in my buttcrack. I looked back to see who it was, I moved one step forward to see if it was accidental. It could have been to begin with, but he kept touching my butt. Overall the ‘interaction’ only lasted 6 seconds or so, and a guy behind me told him off and ordered him to stand where he couldn’t touch me. I was with my twin sister, but I told her nothing.

Later, the guy found out that we were twins, and he started talking to us. My sister spoke to him while I ignored him. He told my sister to apologize on his behalf for me. When my sister asked what for, he said ‘she knows’, and added that I am ‘such a sweet girl’.

As if an apology would be enough to undo the unsafe feeling I had for the remainder of the concert of one of my favourite singers.

As if me having a good character and not standing up for myself deemed me ”good enough” as a woman (NOT girl), to not be assaulted.