I was in my second year of high school (I’d be about 15). The spring semester was ending and so it was getting very hot outside, so I dressed for the weather – tank top with thick straps, shorts that were mid thigh, which fit the school dress code. I make it all the way to lunch with no problem.

Then I’m sitting at lunch with my friends when one of the female teachers came up to me and told me I needed to change my shirt. I argued my clothes fit dress code and that it was freaking hot but she wasn’t having it.

Okay, I can play this game.

I had worn a light sweatshirt that morning, since it’d been cooler and rainy, and I had it in my bag. So I pulled it out, put it on over my tank top, then pulled my arms inside both tops and pulled the tank top out of the bottom of my sweatshirt, much to my teacher’s horror. Remember, we’re in a crowded cafeteria, and god forbid if someone caught a glimpse of my stomach!

She didn’t write me up but the look on her face was worth it, even if I was hot the rest of the day.