This was a number of years ago when I was at Uni in the UK, I wanted to go on the pill as I was active and hadn’t really discussed the options with anyone before. The nurse I saw was less than helpful and basically said here’s some condoms, go use the internet and come back when you know what you want to try. I was so overwhelmed and confused by all the options, and also embarrassed about going back to this same lady that I didn’t get on the pill for at least another year, during which time I actually got pregnant. I then had to go back to this judgy unhelpful nurse to figure out how to have a termination. The whole process made me feel disgusting, I was 19 at the time, so old enough to know better, but mistakes happen. This nurse, and all the nurses at the hospital where I had the procedure made me feel so uncomfortable through the whole procedure like I was trash and bought this on myself. When the truth is I had too much to drink, went to bed and woke up with my “friend” inside me. I already felt disgusting, and they made me feel like it was my own fault because I wasn’t on a more permenant birth control and I got too drunk, no matter that I went to place I should have been safe. I didn’t need these people to add to the same, girls of any age shouldn’t be treated this way whatever their reason for visiting is.