I was in class today and was half ranting about how I was never going to have kids. I was talking to my friends who were doing some future hand-reading game. “I’ll never want kids.”

As I said that, I heard someone scoff so I looked over and saw a male class mate looking at me with an… angry? Stern? Confused? Face and he said, “You ARE going to have kids.” And then he went back to his work. He didn’t even pull one of the cliche lines like “Oh, you’ll come around.” Or “You’ll change your mind.” Just a cold stare and a condescending voice. Well, I calmed myself down because I knew he was wrong. I’m asexual, and I don’t want kids. Even in our family unit, where we learned how to raise a family and such, they noted that kids cost you money, your emotional health, and your physical health. Yea, sorry bud, but I don’t have any reason to have kids.