Orly Einhorn

I have a group of friends, we’ve grown up together since basically day one. There are five of us: me, the twins (both male), and two other boys. I look back on my life and they’ve always played a really big role. They were my closest friends, I guess, but not even, because they left me out of EVERYTHING. Our families have dinner together once a month, and it used to be my least favorite day of the month because I would have to sit with the adults while they talked about whatever while the boys were downstairs playing.If it was video games, it was a four player game. If they were wrestling, I wasn’t allowed to play because I’m a girl. We grew apart for a while, not really talking at all except for at dinners. Then, the twins joined my youth group. I had been in it for about two years already and all my friends were like “oh my god have you met Nick and Michael??? (not their real names) They’re so funny and so much fun!” I hated it. But eventually, it led to us becoming better friends. We started bonding more, but recently they’ve started making really rude jokes about women. They’re really touchy, which is fine because I’m touchy (with limits) with my friends too, but they specifically will try to make me uncomfortable. One of them has a girlfriend and the other almost dated my best friend, but they joke about me cuddling with them or giving them head or having sex with them. I once had my feet on Nick’s lap and he put his hand on my leg and I was like “move your hand that’s weird” and he says “oh like this?” and moves his hand toward my thigh, to which I hit his hand and said “stop it.” He just laughed and kept doing that until I moved away, to which he said “oops made her mad.” I was in their room with that same group and they were saying that I’m “not a hoe” because I don’t sleep around, and I was like “umm okay?’ and Michael tried to grab my boob, but I put my hand out and jokingly held his hand to stop him from doing that. He said “you know I was trying to grab your boob right?” and I was like “yeah I know that’s why I did that” and he said “see! you’re not a hoe! if you were you would’ve let me grab your boob.” And the icing on the cake is I recently decided to play lacrosse. I’m also a cheerleader and I’ve been playing different competitive sports since I was 3, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, tennis, swim, and golf. When the boys found out about lacrosse, they sort of paused and one of them said “you know lacrosse is a very aggressive sport, right?” I’m so sick of them thinking I’m fragile, that I’m just “smart for a girl”, that I can’t handle hanging out with them.