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My brother asked me why l was reading the paper do l want to become the president or something. Told him to shut up so he said l should not have so much attitude or I will face problems five years later. I’ve had enough so asked my mom to deal with it who said in the most calming tone that after 5 years l will be married so talk to her nicely. I’m Indian so the whole arranged marriage thing is still pretty much there. My brother is 5 years older. He said he is not interested in marriage, they never bring it up. I’m 18 and they casually bring up marriage, l don’t wake up early so they say that l am girl what am l even doing. I want to move out what even is this

Astronauts on periods?

Talking about what astronauts do on their periods isn’t disgusting. Its interesting. 🚀 When you act like periods are disgusting (even if they are) it makes me feel disgusting too, even though that wasn’t your intention. I am me, and I will not limit myself to anyone else’s expectations!

I’m a weed, 19

I’m currently studying architecture and told my dad that 63% of female architects get sexually harassed expecting him to get angry because hes protective of me. Instead he said “doesn’t take much for something to be called sexual harassment” which made me really upset.


Hi, I’m a 14-year-old girl in the United States. A while ago, there was this kid that lived next door that would stare at me through his window while I was doing everyday activities. When I called him out on it, he put on a face that caused people to start taking his side because of how, “bad he felt” even though he didn’t apologize. I later moved out and I was so happy because I was sheltered and didn’t realize how inevitable creepy guys were. When I moved to another state, I met this guy who wouldn’t seem like at first that he would touch anyone. But one day when I was on a swing with my friend, he asks if he can push me. I said no, but he comes anyway and puts his hands on my hips and begins to push me. I jump off and tell one of my friends and she just laughs it off. Months later he comes by me when our cross country coach was explaining something to us and put his arm around me and started touching my butt and hips. I went to the other side of the room and I couldn’t tell him no because it wouldn’t matter. I know this is not as big of a deal as other people, but I’m so frustrated with these guys being justified for not fitting in, so they don’t have many friends, so they get away with touching girls.


I was raped when I was seven by my mothers partner. I was molested by a boy in class in 8th grade. I was molested by a boy when I was in 9th grade. I was molested by a boy in 11th grade and the police sided with him because he was the president of speech and debate. I tried to kill myself when I was 17 and was raped by the person who saved me. I have started getting catcalled since age 13. I get comments and catcalls every time I go out side.


Just annoyed at the moment about the sexism from politicians. Dominic Cummings account of his trip to Durham seemed to make all kinds of assumptions about fathers and partners. There was an underlying discourse about him protecting his wife and child. Why was it assumed that he was the only person who could drive back to London? Why didn’t any reporter ask him that question? Also Boris Johnson when recently asked a question about childcare said that it was important for childcare to be restarted so that women could go back to work. Shouldn’t that be parents?


I am a 12 year old (13 soon) female. I’m on a swim team, and the pool is close enough to my house that my younger sister and I can walk there. A few months ago, we were walking home and I was wearing a beach towel wrapped around my swimsuit straps like a little dress. We were turning at a stop sign when an old man stopped at the sign with his window rolled down. He yelled to me, “Now that’s how I like it!” I was really scared, and when I got home and told my mother, she said I should have covered myself more. But what kind of person foes it make that man to catcall a 12 year old? I still don’t really know if that actually was my fault… Also, last night, my dad, older sister, and I were sitting around a campfire, me and my sister popping our knuckles. My dad said “You shouldn’t do that unless you want giant hands” “That’s gross, and it’s unladylike.” We couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but I’m a little afraid he wasn’t. Sorry if those stories were boring or don’t belong here, but thanks for reading 😛


I am really lucky, because I have a wonderful boyfriend. This weekend he told me the apartment looked dirty so we should clean together. So we did. Together. On Sunday morning he made brunch before taking me out to a wonderful hiking place. I had told him recently that I had some childhood trauma issues I was working out over sex in therapy, so when I suddenly started crying my eyes out in the middle of sex, he held me and told me he understood and it was all going to be okay. He is a great boyfriend, the shocking part is that these are all firsts for me at age 34. None of my previous partners have ever voluntarily shared the housework, cooked for me or understood my sexual trauma issues. These are all normal human things, stuff that I would never even consider not doing for a partner, but if a man does them, that’s so rare a woman should consider herself incredibly lucky (which I do, not just because of these). It just makes a person think, when you look at it like that… normal for a woman to do but special for a man to care about his partner like that.

A girl

Hi, I am nearly 13, and I have no idea if I can decide this early, but I think I’m ace. My parents have talked to my older sister about… gRoWnUp stuff. She told me that my mom said to her “you aren’t going to have sex with your husband?” Why are girls expected to have sex, and start families, and have kids, and get married no matter what? I can’t wait til they talk to me about sex and marriage and stuff (sarcasm). I, for one, don’t want to have kids or even get married. I wonder what my parents will think when I tell them that… Also, I may sound like a little kid who wants attention and says she’s ace simply to sound special, but I’m honestly nearly positive that I AM ace an no one can change my mind. Thank you for reading, and no matter what race, gender, religion, or sexuality you are, I love you and I wish you luck in life. ❤


My aunt is an inspiration to us. She’s always been quirky,hilarious and entertaining. We asked her to start a youtube channel as we felt it would be a good platform for her to be creative. Her husband , a self proclaimed “modern” man thinks it’ll bring way too much attention and focus on her and claims it’s not “ideal” for a wife and a mother to venture out in something so public. Basically he wants her shine all for himself and for him to occasionally parade her to his friends like an invaluable artifact aquired. It’s an arranged marriage. He’s clearly insecure that she would have never been his if our family actually married for love.