I was sexually assaulted by two people on separate occasions in year 8. I had my breasts groped publicly during lunch break as I was walking towards the library. I felt shame and humiliation, and I was confused why no one noticed; what made it awkward was that after the incident we walked in same direction and he would turn around with a big grin with his mate. On another occassion,a guy put his hand on my thigh in class and asked if i was wet; i had no idea what that meant but I was petrified as he used to casually physically and verbally attack me.

It was not my fault; i accept that, but i still cant seem to forget. When i experience harassment in my adult life or reading about it on social media it still triggers memories. That is my main regret was not speaking up from primary school to when I finished sixth form; i was an easy target for gossip even from people younger than me. I am still fearful of putting my name out there in case they read it somehow.