Lorna Paterson

I’m standing for my local council elections, I went out canvassing this weekend. Our parliamentary candidate wrote a lovely post about coming out and helping me. The post was shared by someone I am running against ( an independent male) the comments were about the fact I’m “blonde so give me a break” and that I need some life experience” and to “learn how politics work” I am 24, these comments were off middle aged men. You’d think running for council I might know a bit about politics? The thing is the more I canvass and my name gets around the more I know I’m going to get abuse. I know some of the comments are going to get nasty. People say they want more young women in politics but it’s so draining when not only am I fighting for votes on policies people want to question (which is fine obviously) but I also have to fight against the fact I’m a five foot 24 year old blonde. Do I have to be 60 year old male to be listened to? Apparently so.