I have a curvy body, i was never really comfortable in it so i barely ever reveal skin. One night my friends forced me to go to the club with them. i felt uncomfortable the whole time. (I don’t drink) i was the DD of the night. A guy came up from behind me and GRABBED my ass. I was pissed so i turned and hit him. My friends dragged me away saying “it happens all the time” “take it as a compliment”. I was furious, i honestly do not understand how they perceive it that way. Later that night, i asked them if that has ever happened to them they said no. They’re both the complete opposite of me: tall, skinny, model like. They told me they get asked out and flirted with but never grabbed. But if it did happen, it isn’t a big deal. I don’t know how they see it that day but i can’t see them the same way after that. This just made me more insecure in my own skin.