Sophia (Last name will remain anonymous)

I’m thirteen now, but I was twelve when this happened a couple months ago. My best friend and I were walking around town on our way to a CVS so I could get her a little something in celebration of her thirteenth birthday. We were smiling and laughing about some joke or other when this group of boys, who looked about sixteen, turned the corner to walk our way on the sidewalk.

My friend instantly began pulling me faster past us, but I had never been exposed to that sort of situation before, so I didn’t understand. Besides, we looked at least four years younger than them, so why would they bother us?

Well, my reasoning turned out to be baseless. They wolf-whistled at my friend, and asked us if we wanted to have “a little fun” with them. I had seen that sort of stuff online before, so obviously it raised alarms in my head, but my friend became terrified and tugged my arm harder in an attempt to escape the situation.

I believe we were lucky that day, seeing as the boys didn’t chase as we ran from them, although they were still calling out at us. It did leave some questions for me, though. One; why would anyone say such, um, dirty things to two girls who were obviously not even into highschool yet? I don’t think those boys were pedophiles as our physical maturity had began showing somewhat at that point, but we didnt look adult either. Two; what had happened to my friend to make her so terrified in that situation? She’s around the same age as me, but she definitely had some sort of experience, judging by her reaction. Three; where had these highschool-age boys learned that this sort of stuff was okay?

Overall, I think a valuable lesson can be pulled from this. Sure, we need to lower sexism in the adult community, but if our fight for equality was taught as something important to children early on, then it might mean brighter days for the next generation.