I was at a family dinner tonight, and we had an older (mid 60’s) male cousin over who I had not seen in a couple of years. He is an extremely wealthy, self-made businessman, and an outspoken philanthropist with many succesful projects.

He asked me how life is, and I was really excited to tell him about my new job as I now work in the nonprofit industry. I mentioned I started a new job and he said “that’s nice! Are you still single though? Playing the field?”. I am 23.

I was really taken aback, because I was so ready to talk about my job and because he’s a super liberal guy, but I was especially annoyed when I noticed he was having conversations with men about their jobs during dinner.

I’ll never understand why it’s more important for me to declare to extended family members that I have a new boyfriend than it is to be proud and excited to talk about my career.