I’ve just been reading some “tinder horror stories”, and so far most of them have been from the persepective of men dating/hooking up w women. I’ve gotten the overall impression that it’s quite common for guys to be expecting sex or some sort of sexual favor from a girl on the grounds that “she suggested we should go to her place for some pizza/boardgames/wine so I was SURE I was getting laid!”

The “horror story” often ends with the guy citing with bitter hostility and resentment that they ACTUALLY only played board games/ate pizza/drank wine (the horror! Why would one want to do such a thing with another human being??) and poor thing ended up going home with “blue balls”. Or it ends with the guy having the sex he seems to feel he is owed against all odds, in an apartment full of cat piss, at an inconvenient hour, or even with someone they don’t find attractive in person, because it’s “free pussy”.

Moreover, what struck me as well were the stories when the woman turned out not to be as attractive in person as the guy had thought, and he took that as some sort of insult to him personally, but nonetheless, HAD THE SEX ANYWAY! And what stuck with me, in one of the stories, one guy mentioned that after he had been the poor victim of his hookup date not being attractive enough for him, he went ahead, had sex w her anyway, and “finished in 30 seconds, not something I’d normally do, but at least it was over.” Yeah. It’s 2019, and sex is over with the male orgasm. What exactly do you think she gained from this encounter, dude? “Oh, great, I’m still attractive enough to be used like an object and then thrown away! Yay!” Come on man. If you DO decide to fuck someone, you should at least make sure they enjoy it too.

Don’t get me wrong, I like casual sex. But I still want to be treated like a human being, not an object that owes someone a service. What really, truly hurts is the bitter resentment I feel oozing from these stories (and from some of my own experiences as well). The HATRED that applies to all women who seemingly promise sex, then don’t follow through, or have the audacity not to be as beautiful as the porn stars you masturbate to. I am horrified that such a beautiful thing as sex can be demeaned to such a disgusting level.