I was at birthday drinks for my friend’s boyfriend. This was the second comment of the night. I had a broach on that said ‘plant love, grow peace’ any normal guy could have just asked what the broach said but he put it in the context of looking at tits and what does it say and if he wore a broach as a man it would say ‘nothing to see here’,it all felt so uncomfortable and he was talking about this in front of me and 2 others. In the end I said that the broach said, “Don’t look at my tits” and my friend who’s female said, “Yeah why did you put the broach there” in a jokey way but for me it felt like something so innocent as broach which I hadn’t even given a second thought to and just thought it looked nice – was placed in too sexual of an area…I just felt uncomfortable
Third comment of the evening….this time another male friend of my friend’s fiancé… I was standing minding my own business just having a general think about whether it was time to go home and the guy said, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so sad?” This one really annoys me, I literally was just thinking, I had my normal “face” on. I was pretty annoyed and said I wasn’t sure, maybe it’s just my face and why is he so happy? He then started to ask me if I was giving him grief…wtf! I felt just fed up at this point and wish I’d said he was the one giving me grief. Then my friend’s fiancé came along and made a comment about the friend annoying me and that said something about things can’t be said after Me too movement. TBH this whole night was filled with misogynistic and sexist rhetoric from these things to the, “ladies you chat over there” type banter. I hated it and realised how much I value my male friend’s who are nothing like this and would never make these kind of infantile comments.