I’ve grown quit used to being stared at and hearing conversations from males about what they wish they could do to me. I have two stories that quit bug me but I feel I can’t share with my friends. Keep in mind at the time I was 13. I was in school getting my stuff out of my locker and some guys in my grade walked up to me. I was on my knees because my locker was on the bottom. The guys weren’t to close to me but I could hear them quite clearly. One of the boys said I wish she was on her knees like that for me and they all laughed. I ignored it and kept getting my stuff. Then one off the boys approached me. I couldn’t stand up because he was leaning over me. I’m quite short but even if I had stood up he was leaning over me so far I would of hit him. He said my full name which I never tell anyone and continued to tell me how “hot” I was. I was getting very uncomfortable so I asked him to please step away and give me my space he did and without having all my stuff I got up and left. Then a few weeks later I was walking in the hallway. I was the only girl there so I knew they where referring to me. The same guys where behind me and I heard one of them explaining how hot and “fine” I was. Nothing else happened but even the male teacher standing by heard and ignored it. My next story takes place at the gym about two days later. I’m a cheerleader and was working on my dance in the studio. The studio walls are made of tinted glass so you could clearly see in. There was a man on a machine watching me while I was working out. I was wearing a sports bra and some spandex and he kept staring. I was getting uncomfortable because the man was at least 20 years older than me. He then proceeded to take out his phone and film me. I got up and left the studio and while I was walking away he cat called me. I got very uncomfortable and left as soon as I could. I know my story isn’t as bad as others but it happened and with this website I hope we can share awareness about this stuff.