My brother used to try to take showers with me, to have sleepovers with me, and i other stuff, and as a younger kid, i never thought anything of it. Now, he will randomly burst in on me while I’m undressing in my room, open the curtain while I’m showering, make weird comments on my developing body, and other weird stuff. When i have friends over, he will sit outside my door and listen to our conversations. He is 8, in second grade, and i am 12, in 6th grade. This is sort of creepy, and i wish he would stop. The thing is, he is emotionally delicate, and anything negative i say about him will make him have a meltdown. I tried telling him to go away when he walks in on me, i try telling him to stop listening to my conversations, to stop saying things like “i just noticed you have armpit hairs!” In public, but he doesn’t listen. I shouldn’t have to be scared of a boy who is 4 years younger and foot shorter than me. I tried telling my parents. They wont listen. “He’s only 8” “he just wants your company” “he looks up to you” no, he looks up my skirts. I’m not the only one who feels uncomfortable like this at home, but the thing is, when they are your family, they tend not to listen to you when you say no.