First relationship. He would finger me infront of his friends, talk about my boobs in front of his dad, tell me what I shouldn’t wear, when I went to Venice with my best friend he asked me to take a photo of everything I wore for his approval, didn’t want me to hang out with my guy friends without him being there, referred to my body as his, he would continue having sex with me when I found it painful to the point I went home and I found out my vagina was bleeding, refused to use a condom and always ask to cum inside me as it was more enjoyable for him, if we were drunk and I would tell him to stop he would say he would just go slower, He made me feel bad for not having sex with him when I was depressed or upset or ill so I would, we were on holiday in Amsterdam, I puked two times and then he started to want to have sex as he would horny and i let him finger me and he got annoyed that i didn’t have sex with him after letting him finger me I passed out half way through the conversation. He would moan I was giving him blue balls. I eventually ended the relationship when I got to university when I spoke to girls who were more experienced than I was and they told me it was very wrong what he did to me. I am embarrassed about what happened , I feel disgusting , I feel angry that I was so naive to let this happen to me and this disgusting feeling won’t leave me and I don’t think any girl should go through this, being objected to the extent the guy thinks your body is his to do with want he pleases, I hope schools start to educate people on what a healthy relationship. I told my sister and she didn’t care she was very dismissive about it as if stuff that happens in a relationship is not as scarring as being raped at a party, in a street. I feel social media promotes the feeling that women’s bodies are for males pleasure that in a relationship your body is theirs. The funny thing was it was a girl that pressured me to have sex with him in the first place as I was leading him on , just because i harmlessly flirt with a guy does not mean I owe him anything and guys who have the facade of @I’m a nice guy’ pls be wary of them. I did actually phone him during my first week at university saying that he shouldn’t forced me o have sex with him when I didn’t initially want to he said sorry but he did the same thing a week later. This just shows that he didn’t realise want he did was wrong which just tells us a lot about society.