It was on New Years.
I celebrated with a group of schoolfriends in the city.
At 3 am the remaining group decided to go to a friends house. I wanted to get more comfortable so my freind gave me shorts and a straptop.
At about 5 am i went to a room to sleep.
It was very secluded.
I woke up about 1 1/2 hours later to somebody lying next to me. He was inspecting me with a flashlight. Touching my breast and crotch. I dind’t really realise what was happening because I was drunk and I was in this place between awake and asleep. I only started movingafter he started to kiss me and i felt like suffocating.
The next morning I did nothing.
That was someone I knew for 7 years and he had never behaved like that.
It was someone I trusted a friend.
I couldn’t even be angry because I didn’t know how.
I had boyfriend at that time and I couldn’t even think about having sex.
I can still not think about sex at all without feeeling sick.
He took a part of my freedome to not care away fom me because without doing anything this had happend.