I was 15, and hanging out with my two girl friends. One of them was talking to an older guy so we went to their house to hangout. We ended up getting kicked out so we went back to my house and invited the guys over. I was in a room with one of the guys and his friend came into the room with his pants down and tried to force himself on me and when I said no he got incredible angry and started to yell. They left but as they were driving away the man threw a rock at my window. It wasn’t till later I also found out he also snapped my laptop in half. I talked to the police about it, but brushed it off to everyone else around me. I didn’t bring up him trying to force himself on me because at the time I thought they would blame me for inviting them over because I was so young. The police had to drop the case and nothing ever happened to him. To this day when I talk about it I brush it off but I’m slowly starting to realize when looking at these other stories that this is not okay.