About two years ago, I went to a concert with a few friends of mine. One of them brought a male friend along, whom I’d never seen before. Since we were pretty early, all of us talked for about 2 hours before the concert. The guy seemed pretty nice.
But during the concert something changed. I was at the left of the group, surrounded by inly strangers and this guy I had only just met. Not long after the start of the main act he started touching my butt. It was so subtle at first that I thought for some time that I was imagining it, but as time passed he touched more firmly. At first I thought I had to like it, since I’d never been in a relationship before and I’m very bad at flirting. But the longer it lasted, the more I started feeling sick, but unable to do anything, because I felt like it was too late and I was trapped.
I didn’t tell anyone about it because I didn’t realise it was sexual assault. But a few weeks after the concert, I heard something that made me feel horrible about not speaking up: a friend of mine got in a relationship with him.
After all this time they are still together, and I know I can’t say anything for the sake of my friend. I’ve seen him a few times amd every single time he acts like nothing happened. It makes me so, so mad, bur there is nothing I dare to do about it.