I was in a small town pub down the country in Ireland, the kind where everyone knows each other, visiting my godfather to celebrate my 21st birthday with him. I am naturally outgoing but when I feel uncomfortable I become quiet and passive. There was music playing and my godfathers wife was dancing with some of the older men (in their 60’s/70’s). I sat and chatted with my god father and just watched the wife dancing. Then one of the men asked me to dance and me being a confident person I said no thank you outright thinking it would be the end of it. Now what annoyed me was that he couldn’t take no for an answer and that my godfathers wife tried to push me to dance with this stranger who number one gave me the creeps and number two smelt and looked filthy. He then proceeded to sit beside me and pester me saying why did I not want to dance with him, I made up an excuse saying I couldn’t dance and didn’t like dancing. He continued on and so did my godfathers wife. This went on another 30 minutes and completely ruined the night. It was only when I looked close to tears that my godfather stepped in and told his wife to leave me alone and told the man I didn’t want to dance that it all stopped. I hate that my voice wasn’t good enough and the man felt he had a right to get me to do what he wanted because I am a woman. It also changed my opinion of the wife for giving out to me for turning the ‘lovely old man’ down.