After leaving a mental hospital and returning to school, one of my teachers placed special attention on me in an effort to manipulate and groom me. He asked me if I was “being a good girl” and told me to smile constantly because he believes every girl and woman should be gentle and delicate and smile all of the time like a doll on display, instead of being a person with feelings, concerns, and thoughts of their own; he wants to control their emotions and have them be “artificially happy” so that they can praise him all of the time. He would constantly look my body up and down and told me I could be a model. He said that my smile was captivating and played with my hair. One time, he pulled me aside at the end of the schoolday and asked me why my phone lockscreen “wasn’t a male model” and asked “What type of man are you attracted to?”- I was alone with him when he asked this. He eventually ended up driving to my house multiple times and staring at me from the window of his car. When I reported him to the school, I was asked how much time I had spent around him, ignoring the fact that I was manipulated, and told by my dad that “I had been giving the teacher the wrong impression” because underage girls are still seen as “temptations” and not children to be nurtured.