I was 16 when this happened, I was in a bus and had taken a back empty seat and that apparently gives off the idea that I’m ok with anything sexual, that’s one of the reasons my mom asks me not to take the back seat. It was 8 hours journey and in the middle of it, people come in and left. After sometime a guy comes and sits next to me( he was sitting in the front seat).
Starts talking to me, asking me about my parents and siblings. He tells me he’s an engineer and then he tries to put his hand around me, that moment everything around me just slowed down ..I didn’t know what to think and I didn’t have a phone with me to call anyone, I was terrified and it showed on my face. He asks me if that’s ok( to put his arm around me). With the little courage I could muster, I said “NO”.

After sometime he moved to his front seat and I came back home and cried for 5 days and I was scared of travelling alone in buses again