I was so frustrated about people’s fake perceptions of what feminism is and how so many people still don’t see women as just human beings that I started crying and my stepdad asked me what was wrong. I hesitated but eventually I told him the reason why and he said that men also discriminated against and people stereotype them. from that day forward he has started to make small sexist comments as if he does it on purpose, knowing it really hurts me. The other day he was talking about the first time his mother dove a car in the 70s and said that that is when feminism was ACTUALLY needed and looked straight at me as he said it. Equality is not something we have yet reached and he is so blinded by his privilege of being a man. I was honestly so disappointed and it made me feel helpless as though I had no power to ever change anything. Not even my mother really stood up for me it’s as if she is enslaved to him. I sometimes wish he would just go away.