I understand many people have been through a lot worse than this but this was the tipping point for me when I realised I was a feminist.
I was 14 and walking back from the gym with my friend in a baggy jumper and leggings, the last thing I thought would happen was that I would get catcalled. Yet we did, a middle aged man whistled at us out his window. My friend thought it was funny but I wouldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt disgusting that a man old enough to be my dad would look at me that way, I learned from a young age what some people are really like and I still find it hard to walk places on my own. I feel like most young girls go through this yet think its normal, how do we stop this harassment when the people doing it don’t even realise how deeply it affects some of us? How can they be so sick minded to look at young girls like this? It needs to stop.