I worked for over 10 years in the same super famous and international company and I grew and trained to be a manager and I was sent to another country to work. Going there, I found pretty soon I felt very lonely, no family, no friends, worked around 10 hours daily and too tired to go “partying” or such to know people. Soon I started to notice this collegue of mine, cute, smart, and he invited me for coffees, a beer, show me around the city, almost daily that we started having a relationship (it was forbidden to have one within the company so it was my fault). After 2 weeks he said he loves me and gave me a ring, symbolizing our commitment and beautiful relationship. Then he made me block and delete all the male friends I had in all the countries. If I wanted to see female friend he started to make these fights for like 7/10 hours nonstop until I appologized for even talking about going out without him. After 2 months I told him we need to break up, this was not a healthy relationship for me, I felt he was emotionally abusing me and such and he said that if I break up he will notify the company and I will be fired!!!! So I stayed quiet. After 10 months I started to lose so much weight, my self esteem was non existing, I was made sumbisive totally to his “love for me” and he started to hit me. That was the moment I talked with the director. I was made to sign a paper that I’m leaving the company. After that I found that this guy had 3 other cases of abuse, one girl sent a letter to Human Resources Headquarters. Nothing happened. He still works there. He came to in my country and stayed in front of my building the whole day and I called the police. No word from him since, but yeah, he still works there and the company knows who and what he is.