I am really lucky, because I have a wonderful boyfriend. This weekend he told me the apartment looked dirty so we should clean together. So we did. Together. On Sunday morning he made brunch before taking me out to a wonderful hiking place. I had told him recently that I had some childhood trauma issues I was working out over sex in therapy, so when I suddenly started crying my eyes out in the middle of sex, he held me and told me he understood and it was all going to be okay.

He is a great boyfriend, the shocking part is that these are all firsts for me at age 34. None of my previous partners have ever voluntarily shared the housework, cooked for me or understood my sexual trauma issues. These are all normal human things, stuff that I would never even consider not doing for a partner, but if a man does them, that’s so rare a woman should consider herself incredibly lucky (which I do, not just because of these). It just makes a person think, when you look at it like that… normal for a woman to do but special for a man to care about his partner like that.