Too stong

I cannot count how many times I have been told that no man will ever want a woman who is as “strong and independent” as me. How men need to feel like they are protecting someone, they need to be in control, they don’t need a woman who can already give herself everything.

Yes, I felt good when I was single and over 30. I did not feel like I was running out of time, or needed to snag a partner quickly. I was living my own life and loving it. My boyfriend does not need me to be dependent on him. We both depend on each other for different things, and we both support each other’s dreams and ambitions and everything. He loves that I’m a strong woman with her own set of values and it doesn’t threaten him at all.
Of course, now I get picked on because he’s a few years younger than me. Like, society can really only accept women when we’re dependent and subordinate.