When I was on my first year of uni I was returning home every 2 weeks for weekends. We used private transporting company for going home and back. There was an option of choosing the seat before when you order a ticket. I’ve accidentally choosen the back seat by the window. I wanted to sit alone, but discovered that I will sit with some guy. When he saw me putting my stuff on the seat he smiled and I thought it’s going to be okay.
For the 3,5 hours of the road he was practically laying on me. I must say, he wasn’t sleeping. I tried to move closer to the window, to give myslf some space and then discovered that I was practically cramped into the window. I thought that maybe the person sitting beside him is taking a lot of space, but when I looked there I saw almost 30 cm of free space that was not occupied.
That was a great trip. (no)