It was already dark when I decided to buy some supplies at a mall. I just got home from school so I settled with my loose blouse and shorts. I was on my way back home when a fellow passenger, an old lady who looked like she belonged to a religious cult, gave me a piece of paper. I can’t read it properly with all the bouncing, though I saw a word “God” on it. I thought it was a prayer so I thanked her and she got out the next stop. Finally, I’m home and felt the urge to read it. It was only then did I realize that I was judged base on my clothes. That I tempted some young men and disrespected the “temple of God” by wearing something “improper”. There are much more sexist things that happened to me like groping and ass-spanking but nothing is much more enraging than a fellow woman protecting some pervert from my indecent-temple-of-God body.