The first time I ever experienced sexism is when I was at a Christmas party with family. I was sitting down on the floor playing with my sisters, I had my legs open because it as comfortable. My mom’s friend at the time came over to see what we were doing, she told me to close my legs and in the moment I was confused. Close my legs? Why do I need to close my legs? But, since she was an adult I listened to her. I left confused and never brought it up again. It wasn’t until I reached full on puberty when I discovered why it was “offensive” to have my legs open. And it got me mad, no angry. Why did she see me and automatically think that? It’s lowkey, no highkey pedophilia. I was maybe 5, maybe even 6. Women even at fucking 5 will get sexualized, get told that they need to stop because men are in the room. It pissed me off then and it pisses me off now.