I was in a taxi with my 3 “friends”, all female. Taxis in my place are shared and usually 4 people are cramped together in the backseat. So me, my friends and 1 semi drunk guy were cramped on the backseat and the guy was next to me. Somewhere along the road, I felt his hand on my thigh and I immediately shouted -“Keep your hands to yourself”. I can stand up for myself. That’s not the issue. The issue was when I turned back towards my friends, they all almost snickered and had that expressions on their faces which said -“oh! How embarassing for you” or something like “Dont make a fuss and ruin our evening and make us stand up for you”.
Let me tell you that hurt. I expected support?solidarity? But all I got was the feeling that I had inconvenienced them by standing up for myself.
P.S. The guy did say sorry after getting down.