I apologize if I’ve posted this story before, I honestly don’t remember. I am 13, a girl, and I go to a private school.

One of our teachers, we’ll call him Mr. G, teaches 5th and 8th grade Bible class, I believe. Anyway, he was talking to an 8th grade class (I did not have the displeasure of being there, I’ve just heard this from various students) and he said something along the lines of “If your husband abuses you (If you’re a girl), you should stay with him, but if your wife abuses you, you should divorce her.” [Insert exasperated with here] UGHHHHHH

Unfortunately, I had him in 5th grade, and I have to have him for 8th grade this year! Yay (sarcasm)! Among this, he’s also made the 5th graders (including yours truly and my younger sister) say their weight aloud to the whole class for a science thing (he’s also a 5th grade science teacher). So yeah, that’s my rant. Thanks for reading. Love you ❤