I got tinder as a bit of a fun joke with all my girls. I met a few guys and obviously was fun and cheeky, as you would when you get tinder.
I noticed a pattern though throughout meeting different males, that they love asking you If you were a virgin. I would say yes as I am a virgin, and they would be so disgusted by the fact that I am a virgin and on tinder and that I am 18.
I know it is tinder and obviously males are only on there for a reason, but I just felt disrespected in a certain way as they so highly made it clear about their reactions toward me saying I am a virgin.
Comments were like:
“Yeah I really don’t think we can hang out”
“Too much to handle”

But I even got some comments like this.
“wow you must be so tight”

It was just a little overwhelming. But I am a strong woman and I couldn’t care less what these poor males think. I just thought I might share it.