When I was 11 years old I had to do a group project in an English class. The groups were randomly assigned and I was placed with three boys. It didn’t bother me at first, and I got to work. But then one of the boys started making comments about my breasts, my hair, my legs, etc. I was uncomfortable and told him to stop. Instead, he explicitly described what he wanted to do to my body and that he would “make me like it.” I continuously told him to stop, and each time I did he laughed. When I looked at the other two boys in the group, they wouldn’t look me in the eye and they never said anything, even though it was clear they were uncomfortable. When the boy said something particularly vulgar as the teacher walked passed, I looked to her for help, and she rolled her eyes and told me to keep working. I remember thinking I must be overreacting if an adult woman didn’t bother to step in.