I honestly hate how women and men are shown in certain ads on the t.v., Women are mostly advertising for washing powders, clothes etc. And men are advertising about finance, jobs, hotels, etc. Also, the stereotypical roles used in almost every bollywood film annoy me A LOT! The men are depicted as superheroes, and women are shown as a bunch of vulnerable, make-up addicted idiots. This sparks insecurities in both men and women. Men feel the need to be strong and have muscles, while women feel the need to be beautiful or thin.

And one more point…What do u imagine when you read ;girly girl’? a girl wearing dress or makeup? why is being feminine or girly thought of as being small and delicate? And why is being masculine thousht of as being strong? And i won’t stop till tomorrow if start about discriminating women who are on their periods. So, i am not gonna start…But sexism is completely unacceptable and everyone should stamnd up against it instead of just ignoring it!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE! Many people think that they alone can’t change this world, what we don’t understand is that it is us who shape the world! WE ALL SHAPE THE WORLD! So, if u want this world to be sexism-free, first u chanhge ur mentality. then help others to.