It happened during the university’s homecoming weekend of my freshman year. I was wearing baggy, thick sweatpants and a dyed purple baggy long sleeve t-shirt. I had a few drinks and met with 2 or 3 of my new uni friends. After a few hours, I was sober but my friends were still slightly drunk. We decided to go back to my dorm room to just take a nap as we already had a long day. I was cuddling with one of my friends, about to fall asleep and my other friends were in the same room, doing the same. He starts to rub my breasts without asking me, with my other friends still in the room, hiding what he was doing underneath the blankets. I took his hand firmly and moved it away from my breasts underneath the blankets to stay subtle. He then travels down to my pubic area and start to rub there too. I moved his hand away again. This happened three more times before I gave up and let him do this and more anyways because I was too scared of overreacting in front of my new friends. He told my other friends to leave and we had sex because I felt obligated to. He did not ask for consent. I never reported it because of the ambiguity of the intoxication and the fact that I had sex with him. I haven’t worn the clothes I was wearing ever since and I see him everyday in my classes.