I was sexually harassment whan i was 9 by my music teacher at the moment. Now i am 16 and this is a memory that i will never forget. I was in the lesson i was playing drums and he came in the room he touched my shoulders with his hands and then he touched my breast. After that i quite the lessons with him and i told only to my relatives. I was afraid that if i told someone else they would think that i lie or that i am crazy so i didnt tell to any of my friends. Also my mother was sexually harassment my a relative when she was 13 and my aunt by her teacher when she was 15. We have to share our stories and encourage other women to speak because it is a very serious problem. I share my story because i was not crazy and i am not alone. We have to educate and spread our worlds to everyone so that the next time that something like this happen other people will help and support the person, that’s the most important.