When I was in middle school a few boys in my class were tlaking about masturbation. They were talking about how frequently they did it etc. Then one of the boys turned round to me and asked ‘do you also masturbate’ – I said yes. I could tell by his face that he was expecting me to say’ewwww noooo that’s gross’ because he seemed shocked. Him and his friends then told all the school about this and I got slut shamed for the whole year. The saddest part about this is that most of the bullying came from girls. None of the girls defended me and none of them admitted to also doing it. This was terrible because I has never had this taboo and for me men and women were always equal. It was after this that I realised that society was far behind in equality matters. I was never ashamed of my sexuality – and never will be. But it’s sad to see that all the other girls in my school were raised with an imposed or self-imposed taboo on female masturbation. This was back in 2011 – in France.