A year ago, when I was thirteen, I was part of an advanced math class with students of different ages. I had noticed an older boy glancing at me throughout the year, but didn’t really think anything of it. One day, our class attended an assembly. While we were waiting outside the gym, we put our backpacks down against the wall and lined up. The boy stood behind me in line. I felt intimidated. He was very close to me. He then ‘tripped’ over one of the backpacks and caught himself by holding tightly onto my waist with both of his hands.He stayed there for several seconds too long, just holding onto my waist, and then went back to standing close behind me. I couldn’t move. I was frozen, shocked, and ashamed. Inside the gym, his friends all sat behind me whispering and laughing. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My being felt violated. How was grabbing my waist normal? I cried most nights afterwards, and in class, I avoided him as much as possible.In the halls, his friends smirked at me. I felt like nothing, like I didn’t matter and I was just a toy for dumb boys to play with. I wish I had told an adult about it. But, I was afraid no one would take me seriously and nothing would be done about it. He was an older student who all the teachers liked. It’s been a year and I still think and cry about it. I still shrivel up in disgust by the fact that he thought it was okay to touch me.