I was on a train. There was only one seat left on the carriage and a man took it I was 16 at the time, he was maybe 20. He offered the seat to me and I declined, saying that I was fine with standing, he got there first. Then he jokingly asked me to sit on his lap. I laughed nervously and said no again. For the next 15 minutes, until he got off at his stop, he kept going, kept asking me to sit on his lap, joking about how he couldn’t let a poor woman stand. I think it became obvious that I was deeply uncomfortable after he first minute.

After he left, I felt ashamed and deeply embarrassed. Another woman had watched the whole thing and stayed silent which made be feel more mortified, not because I blamed her, but felt embarrassed that someone else had even seen it.

I initially didn’t tell anyone, and thought that it was somehow my fault, but as I got older, I look back and like to think that if that were to happen to me today, I’d have enough confidence to shut him down.