I was talking with one of my male friends, a boy I have known since I was three. I am fourteen now.

For some reasons one of them decided to bring up that women who had hair on any body part besides their head were ‘disgusting’ and that ‘no guy would ever want them.’ He continued to talk about how girls needed to shave their pubes, otherwise it was gross, and that hairy legs or armpits were just not right. Eventually I interrupted him and said ‘Well then, if its really gross, then why do not shave? Why is it that it is only gross on women?.’ He continued to splutter however, and said that no, guys did not have to shave their hair or their pubes, but in fact only women did. I looked at him straight in the eye then and said “Isn’t it my body? Shouldn’t I have a choice over whether I shave or not, instead of being forced to shave for male pleasure?” He then repeated his earlier points, complaining that women needed to shave, and this time I said “So am I an object? Do I just live for your pleasure? Or am I allowed to make my own decisions about my own body?” He stopped his rant here, and then made a comment about how annoying feminists were.

I know for a fact his own mother is a feminist. Yet he does nothing but disrespect her, myself and girls everywhere. The double standard needs to end, for I am not just some hairless object for men to gaze upon whenever they wish.