Exactly two years ago..I was at the club with my then boyfriend and his friends. It was a great night as everything was coming along and the drinks started kicking in..there was a girl that he was talking to in a flirty way but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to cause a scene. As I was dancing with one of my closest friends..who was a girl btw. He turned to me and started digging his nails in my neck telling me that I was blowing kisses to another guy. Even though I was standing right next to him. It was all a lie. I was just dancing with my friend. I started bleeding. And he took my bag and started telling me to leave. Knowing very well he was my ride home and I didn’t have any cash on me. It was embarrassing. Because he was doing this in front of his friends. And because he knew he had the power to do so.. as a reaction for making my neck bleed with his nails..I got up. Took my bag. Slapped him. And left. I went outside. I called my friend crying. Telling her to send me money so I could go home. He followed me to a dark street. Found me. Hit me. Slapped me. Punched me. Kicked me. This whole time…he’s asking me why I’m making him do this to me. It’s like I asked for it. When his friend found us…he was trying to stop him. And he kept telling him to stop interfering in our business. Another stranger tried to help me..and he pushed her and almost hurt her as well. He put me forcefully in a cab home. And took me to his house and Everytime I was threatening to run and tell my dad…he’d run after me. What’s crazy about this whole thing is…he made it seem like it was my fault he did that to me. It’s like I deserved it.