When I was 15 years old 6 of my friends went to a concert. For many, including myself, this was the first time. It was 311 and Sugar Ray… A few of us decided to leave our seats and make our way towards the stage where it was standing room only. It was exciting and loud. I’m not sure if I asked someone to pick me up to crowd surf or if someone offered but I remember thinking that would be so fun!!! Full of excitement and trust I was hoisted up and began my way moving through the air. Almost immediately I felt someone grab at my breasts and soon after someone had shoved their hand up my shorts and into my vagina. Mother fucking shit fuck fuck fuck… I managed to shimmy myself out of the hands and proceed to find my friends. I remember telling someone what happened and their response was that I should have known better. That was worse than the physical invasion. Fuck him fuck this shit it makes me furious and full of rage. – thank for for this website- thank you women- thanks for letting me put this here… I do r want it anymore